Seminary is THE next step in discerning diocesan priesthood.

While discerning priesthood starts by just altar serving or volunteering in the parish; there comes a point when a man can only discern further by entering seminary.

Seminary is a time to discover your calling

Only by embracing seminary life can a man and the Church fully discern a vocation to the priesthood. Communal living with other men who are likewise seeking holiness and discerning priesthood provides a special opportunity for self-understanding, growth in moral and intellectual virtues, and above all, gaining intimacy with the Lord so as to know His will.


Courage, patience, trust, and prayer are essentials in seminary life.

Formation, as the Church understands it, is not equivalent to a secular sense of schooling or, even less, job training. Formation is first and foremost cooperation with the grace of God. Formation is making a place for the Lord to dwell in us and transform us.

Seminarian Daily Life

God equips whom he calls.

Ever wonder what a typical day of a seminary looks like? Take a look at our sample schedule of a St. Mary’s Seminarian.

Meet Our New Priests

“Those who sow in tears will reap with joy.” (Ps 125: 5).

These men were no different than you when they set out on their journey to discern the priesthood. It started with God’s love in their lives. Next, they moved forward by trusting in his call. Finally, God’s grace bore fruit.

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